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Recycled Fine Tooth Comb

Recycled Fine Tooth Comb

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Made in France, this elegant comb was developed as an effort to reduce waste. Using 100% pre-consumer recycled cellulose acetate, this fine-tooth comb is made from our factory’s scrap materials and free from any added dyes or chemicals. Due to the unique material makeup, each comb will have subtle color variations.

Comb and pouch sold separately. Purchase a protective pouch here.


Use this comb to part and style hair. Ideal for fine, medium, and thick hair types.


Made with 100% pre-consumer recycled cellulose acetate. Measures 13.5cm. Available with an optional reusable cloth pouch.


Our mission is simple: reduce plastic waste. Here are a few things we’re doing:

◦ All consumer packaging made from compostable or recyclable materials

◦ Printing with algae or soy ink

◦ Making hair accessories using pre-consumer recycled cellulose acetate

◦ Creating plastic-free solid personal care products

◦ Shipping via USPS to reduce our carbon footprint

◦ Working with vendors and partners to find innovative packaging and shipping solutions


Our Personal Care collection ships 1-3 days from the date of purchase.

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