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Rebecca Mapes

Memento Locket (The Afterpains Edition)

Memento Locket (The Afterpains Edition)

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Inspired by a locket the artist's grandmother wore as a child—a keepsake to commemorate the most cherished relationships.

This edition was created to celebrate the launch of Anna Julia Stainsby's debut novel, The Afterpains, a tender story on motherhood, grief, identity, and belonging. Made to hold our dearest departed, the heirloom-inspired pendant is a talisman to those coming to The Afterpains after loss.

Five components combined form the locket: a wavy-edged frame that screws into a spherical bail, two glass domes, and a print drawn exclusively for this edition of the piece by Canadian-Honduran artist, Isabelle Feliu. The print can be switched out by the wearer with photos or other paper memorabilia.


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Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico using 14k gold or sterling silver and clear glass.


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